Unilever Dairy Decarbonization Program

MMPA is partnering with Unilever to help members reduce their GHG emissions. To meet the specific needs of each farm, the program is customized to each operation, allowing farmers to deploy a suite of sustainable practices. The program focuses on reducing GHG emissions for enteric, manure, feed cropping, energy & transportation, and cow care.

Highlights of the Dairy Decarbonization program include:

  • BASELINE. Each farm will receive $1,000 plus free consultative services from Carbon Yield.
  • DECARB ROADMAP. Farms will select from a menu of practices for their individual plan. Practices may include changes to feed, animal care, energy, cropping systems, and other relevant farm operations.
  • INCENTIVES. Farms will be compensated for GHG outcomes and are eligible for cost share, pay for performance, loan incentives, and may be able to stack public grant funding and other non-private sector capital with Unilever’s investment.

Unilever is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2039 and is committed to working with dairy farmers and suppliers to meet that goal. It is understood that there are many unknowns and uncertainties that will be uncovered during the 3-5-year program. All parties will work together to improve the program over time to meet the needs of producers and achieve the best return on investment for GHG outcomes.

For more information or to enroll, contact Rachel Brown at rachel.brown@nullmimilk.com or 248-826-7243.

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MMPA Sustainability Mission

To continually strive for a more sustainable future for our community, our environment, our economy’s health, and for the lives and world around us.