Meet Our Member Owners

At MMPA, we hold ourselves accountable for a higher level of quality, sustainability practices and animal care which results in consistency of product performance and supply. It’s a commitment that drives everything we do – from the farm to the truck to the finished product.

Our members embody this commitment and constantly seek new ideas, information and perspectives to be ready for the next opportunity. Our members represent the great diversity found in the Great Lakes region. From farms who milk with robots to those with rotary parlors, MMPA members utilize a variety of farming practices each with the goal of providing the best quality care to their animals in order to produce the highest quality milk possible.

MMPA Members

Katelyn Packard

Manchester, Michigan

“In management, everything ties together. Just making the cows happy and comfortable, lets everything else fall into place.”

Benthem Brothers Dairy

McBain, Michigan

“We truly love what we do. We might get frustrated, but it’s fun advancing and making our farm cutting edge. I’m most proud that we’re able to provide a good way of life not just for ourselves, but for our employees, and we’re all proud of the entire dairy itself.”

John & Cynthia Adam

Goshen, Indiana

“We want to educate people about the farm, our love of animals, how we take care of the cows and how we’ve grown our family on this farm. It’s not what the perception of a lot of farms are. It’s actually what a real dairy farm is. It’s your family, you’re all working together and you have your cows you’re taking care of.”

Brian DeMann

Martin, Michigan

“We’re farming in a responsible way and we’re able to continue to do so and build upon that and improve. Sustainability is an everyday, 24 hours a day, seven days a week effort that we’re always doing. We’re always working on improving animal care, air quality, water quality and those kinds of things.”

MMPA has been helping farmers for over 100 years.

We provide a wide range of on-farm services to members to assist them in producing the highest quality milk possible. The milk produced on our farms is some of the highest quality available in the United States. Each year, members take home a significant portion of the National Dairy Quality Awards. Our members are committed to superior animal care and all are enrolled in the National Dairy FARM program, a national animal care verification program.