Milking Systems Analysis

MMPA member representatives are trained to provide in-depth milk quality troubleshooting services on member farms. These tests include vacuum analysis of milking systems which impact cow health and somatic cell counts as well as cleaning analysis of equipment which helps to identify potential causes of high bacteria counts and unclean milking equipment.

Vacuum Analysis

Vacuum analysis includes two types of testing:

1. Milking time testing to determine if system vacuum levels meet industry guidelines and udder prep procedures are optimal for milk let down.

2. Static testing to determine if pulsators, regulators, vacuum pumps and other components are functioning properly.

CIP Analysis

During a CIP analysis, a member representative will observe the pipeline or bulk tank CIP to determine if there are any shortcomings in chemical or temperature guidelines, conduct slug analysis and and make recommendations based on the findings. Wash checks can also be performed on manually cleaned systems as well.

Ecolab has partnered with MMPA to provide a Farm Supply Store credit to member farms when a CIP check is performed and 100% Ecolab products are used.

Contact your member representative if you are interested in these services.