Retail & Food Service Offerings

We’re known for high-quality, award-winning dairy products.

At MMPA, we’re proud of what we do and even more proud of how we do it. Quality milk and dairy products start on the farm and continues onto the next step as our member’s milk is bottled or processed into dairy products. We partner with our customers to create solutions that deliver on your needs. We believe that trust drives longevity of relationships and that’s what our business is all about.

Packaging Innovation

The dairy industry is continually evolving and we’re always adapting. We work with customers to develop packaging solutions that are consumer-focused with retailers in mind.

An example of our innovation is the caseless gallon. The unique packaging doesn’t require retailers to stock shelves by hand, and eliminates the need for dairy cases to be returned to the plant.

Our Brands

Superior logo


Founded in 1922, the Superior brand is best known for providing high quality fluid milk products with innovative packaging solutions designed with retailers in mind.

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Heritage Ridge Creamery logo

Heritage Ridge Creamery

With farmer owners and Amish roots, the Heritage Ridge Creamery brand is known for their dedication to crafting traditional cheeses with quality at the forefront.

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