Social Responsibility

At our core, MMPA is committed to cooperative social responsibility and sustainable business practices throughout our entire supply chain. The three pillars of sustainability—people, planet and profit—are vital to MMPA’s transparency, growth and success for our members, employees, stakeholders and our communities.

At MMPA, we are mindful that our business decisions and operations have a direct impact on our environment, communities, customers and coworkers. We believe social responsibility and sustainability is not just a destination, but a journey toward continuous improvement.

In 2020, MMPA formed the Farmer Sustainability Advisory Committee to formalize member engagement in our sustainability program and foster feedback and insight from members on farm sustainability efforts.

MMPA’s Low Carbon Ethanol Plant

We’re working together, with Ontario-based Dairy Distillery to build the world’s lowest carbon-intensity ethanol plant. Our partnership will transform whey, a dairy byproduct, into the world’s lowest carbon-intensity ethanol, adding to the biofuel supply for cars and trucks. The plant is intended to be operational in 2025 and will reduce the carbon footprint of the milk processed at our Constantine, Mich. facility by 5%.

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Community Outreach

MMPA is devoted to our core values: quality, integrity, progressive, leadership and community. We have a long history of supporting our communities ever since MMPA was founded in 1916. Our outreach efforts extend from dairy community events to youth development programs to support of local food banks.

gallons of milk

donated to food banks since 2015

Our cooperative, our team and our members support:

  • Milk donations to the Food Bank Council of Michigan
  • Scholarships for MMPA members and their employees
  • Community event sponsorships
  • Breakfast on the Farm events
  • Great Dairy Adventure
  • Ag and Dairy Days at the Capitol
  • Michigan Dairy Ambassador Program
  • Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship Foundation
  • Michigan Livestock Expo and Sale-abration


MMPA’s commitment to sustainability is to align and provide transparency throughout the dairy value supply chain, reporting on common dairy sustainability indicators outlined through our commitment with the Dairy Sustainability Alliance. The Dairy Sustainability Alliance, a national initiative for stakeholder engagement, allows customers, nonprofits, scientific experts and other key influencers to work directly with farmers, cooperatives and processors. This allows for continuous improvement and reporting that provides both credibility and value to the U.S. industry, along with endorsement and support in the global marketplace.

Members’ Sustainability Success Stories

Key indicators

Economic viability

  • Continuous improvement
  • Energy
  • Quality

Environmental stewardship

  • Biodiversity
  • Soil
  • Water quality and quantity
  • Waste
  • Agrochemicals and fuels

Social responsibility

  • Value chain and local economy
  • Animal welfare
  • Social and human capital
  • Training

Our Sustainability Mission

To continually strive for a more sustainable future for our community, our environment, our economy’s health, and for the lives and world around us.