Daisy the Cow

Towering over 10 feet tall, Daisy the MMPA Cow is the one-of-a-kind mascot of MMPA dairy farmers and the dairy industry and can be found at fairs, festivals and events all across the Great Lakes region.

The Adventures of Daisy

3-Cereal Festival, Battle Creek, MI
Daisy from Kendra 3 - Daisy in Blanchard
Daisy on the road
Daisy in East Lansing-1
2-July 4th parade, Hadley, MI
Daisy in East Lansing-2 - Sparty

Request Daisy

Want Daisy at your next event? Fill out the form below. Completing this form does not guarantee reservation of Daisy. Daisy is available for use by MMPA members only. An MMPA staff member will follow up with you to let you know if Daisy is available and confirm details of your reservation.

Daisy Guidelines


  • Reservations for “Daisy” will be made on a first come first serve basis.
  • “Daisy” is available for use by MMPA members only.
  • The cow may be reserved for a maximum of 5 days or for one weekend. However, “Daisy” may be used longer if no other reservations have been made for the extended time period requested. This will allow as many members as possible to utilize the cow for their promotional activity.


  • The cow and trailer are stored at the warehouse at MMPA’s manufacturing plant in Ovid.
  • Members using the cow are responsible for transporting her to and from their event.
  • A 2-inch ball hitch is needed to transport the trailer.
  • When picking up the cow at Ovid you will need to sign a form verifying the dates you requested to usethe cow. The cow must be picked up and dropped off during the week (Monday – Friday).
  • Dimensions:
    • Utility trailer: 6.5 ft. X 12 ft. X 16 in. high
    • Cow: 5.8 ft. X 10.2 ft. X 10.4 ft. high
    • Total height of cow and trailer: 11.8 ft. high
  • Individuals transporting the cow should be aware of low bridges and low building overhangs.
  • For security reasons, a padlock should be attached to the hitch when not in use.
  • A copy of the trailer registration will be given to the member at the time the cow is picked up.
  • The cow must remain bolted down to the floor of the trailer. Do not remove “Daisy” from the trailer.
  • Please do not use tape or other adhesive materials to put signs and other decorations on “Daisy.”
  • Please use responsible care when using “Daisy” at your promotional event. This cow and trailer isprovided for the benefit of all MMPA members.


  • The MMPA cow and trailer are covered under MMPA’s insurance policy; secondary to coverage of the power unit pulling the trailer.