Calf Milk Pasteurizer Program

Feeding pasteurized milk to calves can add many economic and health benefits to your calf feeding program. When managed correctly, on-farm pasteurization of waste milk can help reduce the potential risks associated with feeding waste milk to calves. Studies show that calves fed pasteurized milk compared to traditional milk replacers have a higher rate of weight gain and improved overall health.

About the Calf Milk Pasteurizer Program

The MMPA Calf Milk Pasteurizer Program can help you evaluate and troubleshoot the effectiveness of your on-farm pasteurizer process. This program can help you assess the cleanliness of milk harvesting, on-farm pasteurizing and milk storage equipment. If needed, the program could also be used to diagnose potential bacteria issues with automatic calf feeders. Samples can be submitted routinely or as needed to troubleshoot an issue with your calf feeding program. They can be submitted to the MMPA laboratory via your hauler or member representative (if previously arranged).

Available testing:

• Raw Bacteria (RBC) testing performed at the MMPA Laboratory at no additional cost to the member. Sampling points include:

○ Prior to pasteurization
○ Immediately post pasteurization
○ At the last point of milk distribution to the calves

• Bacteriology performed at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) at a cost of $25/sample

• Component (butterfat, protein, other solids, SCC) performed at the CentralStar Laboratory at a cost of $1/sample

*Prices subject to change. Check the Member Portal for current pricing.

Getting Started with the Calf Milk Pasteurizer Program

Your member representative can help provide you with the necessary information and supplies needed to submit samples for testing.

Interpreting the Results

Following testing, your member representative can assist you with analyzing the milk quality test results if needed. Additional pasteurizer troubleshooting services including inspection of abnormal milking and milk storage equipment and pasteurizer cleaning/sanitizing recommendations are also available to members upon request.

Contact the MMPA Novi laboratory at 800-572-5824 for more information. For Central Star tests, you must complete a separate testing form and include it with the submitted sample. You can obtain one from your member representative.