Feed in Focus Program

MMPA members have the opportunity to enroll in a Feed in Focus program to pilot, replicate and scale the adoption of best management practices (BMPs) in feed/forage production and feed efficiency. The program is designed to advance the Net Zero Initiative, a dairy industry-wide effort to make sustainable practices and technologies more accessible and affordable to all U.S. dairy farms.

Highlights of the Feed in Focus program include:

  • Focus on farm-grown feed and nutrition
  • Tailored technical guidance
  • Choose from over 10 BMPs
  • Incentives and cost share benefits
  • Pathway to industry sustainability goals

The Feed in Focus program is concentrated on the following BMPs: cover crops, reduced/no till, crop rotation, nutrient stewardship, grazing and feed management, and edge of field practices. Once enrolled in Feed in Focus, farmers complete a simple self-assessment, and then work with program partners to decide which BMPs are best for their farm. Farmers are supported through practice implementation and data collection to quantify impacts. The minimum time commitment for farmers to implement BMPs on their farm is 3 years.

The program is initiated by The Nature Conservancy, with funding from Nestle and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy.

For more information or to enroll, contact Rachel Brown at rachel.brown@nullmimilk.com or 248-826-7243.

Program Partners

Social Responsbility - farm sustain-min
SocialResponsibility - milk donation-min

MMPA Sustainability Mission

To continually strive for a more sustainable future for our community, our environment, our economy’s health, and for the lives and world around us.