Cover Crops Project

The MMPA Cover Crop Project is a collaboration between MMPA, Unilever and Barry-Callebaut to demonstrate what farmers are doing for soil health and carbon sequestration through cover crops.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a cover crop is a crop generally recognized by agricultural experts as agronomically sound for the area for erosion control or other purposes related to conservation or soil improvement. Cover crops, which can include grasses, legumes, and forbs are used primarily for erosion control, soil health improvement, water quality improvement, and other conservation purposes.

Virtual Field Day

In 2021, MMPA worked with MSU Extension to present a Virtual Field Day featuring six MMPA members in the Cover Crop Project to share their experience using cover crops and lessons learned. The field day included farm visits and interviews on topics such as seed selection for forage and conventional cover crops, manure management, planting and harvesting methods, and the practical application of cover crops in a dairy crop rotation.

Project Partners

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MMPA Sustainability Mission

To continually strive for a more sustainable future for our community, our environment, our economy’s health, and for the lives and world around us.