Annual Meeting

MMPA annually hosts a day-long meeting of its delegates in Lansing, Michigan. At the meeting, delegates and guests hear from MMPA leadership and guest speakers, while recognizing award winners and conducting official MMPA business.

The 105th Annual State Delegate Meeting will take place in 2021.

104th Annual State Delegate Meeting

MMPA’s 104th Annual State Delegate Meeting was heldon March 12, 2020. MMPA’s modified members- and employees-only annual meeting was held at the Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan. Considering the continued spread of the coronavirus disease, MMPA limited the meeting to a reduced number of attendees. The meeting took place with a shortened agenda to conduct official business in accordance with MMPA bylaws. As the COVID-19 situation has processed, MMPA has been evaluating scheduled meetings, with many being canceled or postponed.