NOVI, Mich. – In October, Michigan dairy farmers will have the chance to decide where the state’s dairy promotional dollars will be spent during the next five years. A majority “yes” vote on the Dairy Promotion Referendum ballot, mailed to every state dairy producer, will continue the educational and promotion efforts of the United Dairy Industry of Michigan (UDIM). Ballots will be mailed September 26 and must be returned by October 14.

Under national law, 15-cents per hundredweight are deducted from dairy producers’ milk checks for advertising and educational programs. The law permits 10 of the 15 cents to remain in Michigan to fund local programs. The upcoming referendum will decide whether or not that 10 cents will stay in Michigan or go to the national level.

“If we pass the referendum, the Michigan dairy industry can keep the funds necessary to continue to support the much-needed nutrition education and advertising programs in our own geographic area that benefit our producers,” says Doug Chapin, Michigan Milk Producers Association Board Chairman and dairy farmer from Remus, Michigan. “If the referendum fails, the Michigan dairy industry loses control of how and where that entire 15-cents is invested which is the primary reason I encourage my fellow dairy farmers to take the time to vote ‘yes’ and return the ballots.”

“It is important to remember that a ‘no’ vote does not reduce the amount of money a farmer will contribute to dairy promotion, only who will get to help direct a portion of that money,” says Jerry Neyer, DFA member. “A ‘yes’ vote means Michigan dairy farmers will continue to direct a dime of that 15- cents toward in-state programs and promotion.”

Over the years, UDIM has established numerous partnerships with health agencies, state agencies and leaders in the field of education. The relationships promote programs such as school breakfast and fighting childhood obesity by including dairy as part of a healthy diet along with getting 60 minutes of physical activity every day. UDIM continues to lead school health and wellness initiatives, playing a part in the development of school food standards that recognize the value of dairy in good nutrition.

The 15-cent per hundredweight checkoff is authorized by the Dairy and Tobacco Adjustment Act of 1983. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development administers the Michigan referendum.

About Michigan Milk Producers Association
The Michigan Milk Producers Association–established in 1916–is a member-owned and operated milk marketing cooperative and dairy processor serving dairy farmers throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. In addition to a cheese plant in Indiana and a dairy product plant in Ohio, MMPA operates two SQF Level 3 dairy ingredient plants in Michigan, producing butter, nonfat dry milk powder, condensed skim milk, cream and whole milk powder.

About Dairy Farmers of America (DFA)
Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is a national, farmer-owned dairy cooperative focusing on quality, innovation and the future of family dairies. While supporting and serving more than 11,500 family farm-owners, DFA manufactures nearly every form, function and flavor of nutritional dairy products, including fluid milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, dairy ingredients and more that connect our Cooperative’s family farms to family tables with regional brands such as Alta Dena® Dairy, Meadow Gold® Dairy, Friendly®’s, Borden® Cheese, Plugrá® Premium Butter and Kemps® to name a few. On a global scale, we work with some of the world’s leading food companies to develop ingredients that deliver the greatest source of nutrition to consumers around the world, while staying committed to social responsibility and ethical farming. For more information, please visit

LANSING, Mich. – More Michigan children will enjoy nourishing milk this summer thanks to 876,000 servings donated in June to the Food Bank Council of Michigan (FBCM).

The donation honored the 50th anniversary of Kroger and Michigan Dairy’s partnership with the Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA). On behalf of the state’s food banks, FBCM received a donation of 150 gallons of milk per day for 2017. This amounts to 54,750 gallons of milk to Michigan’s area food banks.

MMPA is a farmer-owned cooperative, meaning the milk is a donation directly from the farmers. For three consecutive years, MMPA has worked with local farmers for their generous donation while annually increasing the donated amount of milk.

“One in seven people in Michigan struggle with hunger, and we’re constantly working toward solutions,” said Dr. Phillip Knight, FBCM executive director. “MMPA’s donation puts us one step closer to solving hunger and food insecurity in Michigan.”

The milk was donated on behalf of MMPA’s over 1,100 farms. Most of the milk will be processed by Prairie Farms in Battle Creek, but Michigan Dairy will also be processing the milk donated in their honor.

“The dairy farmers of MMPA are conscious of the need in Michigan communities to provide nutrient-rich foods — like dairy products — to those struggling with hunger,” said Ken Nobis, dairy farmer and MMPA president. “Milk remains one of the most requested food bank items. Therefore, we are proud to make a contribution to the Food Bank Council of Michigan to bring 876,000 servings of milk to food insecure families across the state this summer.”

This abundant contribution brings June’s National Dairy Month to a close and allows Michigan food banks to provide milk – the most requested summer item – to its customers, including the many families with children in need of milk.

About the Michigan Milk Producers Association

Michigan Milk Producers Association, established in 1916, is a member owned and operated dairy cooperative serving approximately 2,000 dairy farmers in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio. Each year, MMPA’s dairy farm families produce over half a billion gallons of milk for families in Michigan, the U.S. and the world.

About the Food Bank Council of Michigan

Founded in 1984, the Food Bank Council of Michigan was created to implement a unified strategy to address and alleviate hunger statewide. FBCM works with its regional food banks and over 3,000 hunger relief agencies, private companies, farmers, state and federal officials and other allies to make sure no Michigander goes without food. For more information about the Food Bank Council of Michigan.