MMPA awards eight scholarships to Michigan State University students

Eight students at Michigan State University were awarded scholarships thanks to the Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA). As a long-time supporter of dairy education, MMPA annually sponsors scholarships for members, their children and employees enrolled in dairy programs at area land-grant universities.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, MMPA awarded eight scholarships, totaling $23,500, based on academics, involvement in the dairy industry and letters of recommendation. The scholarship fund aims to assist students pursuing a career in the dairy industry.

“MMPA is working to make the future of Michigan’s dairy industry even stronger than it is today by supporting the education of future dairy industry leaders. These scholarships encourage the next generation to equip themselves with new skills and pursue careers in the dairy industry following graduation,” said Joe Diglio, MMPA President & CEO.

The MSU scholarships are for students pursuing a dairy management certificate in the Institute of Agricultural Technology or who are enrolled in the Dairy Concentration Program in the Department of Animal Science. MMPA scholarships are also available for members or children of members enrolled in any agriculture-related major at Purdue University and The Ohio State University.

Scholarship applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are due Sept. 1. for the MSU scholarships. Scholarship applications for Purdue University and The Ohio State University are due Jan. 1 for freshmen students and due Feb. 1 for current students.

In continuation of MMPA’s efforts to support youth development and education, MMPA is a supporter of the Michigan Dairy Ambassador Scholarship and Leadership program and the Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship Foundation.

MMPA Scholarship Recipients:

  • Grant Gasper, Lowell, MI – Member Scholarship Recipient
  • Brianna Hill, Gregory, MI – Member Scholarship Recipient
  • Grace Brown, Reese, MI – Employee Scholarship Recipient
  • Lane Herrman, Buchanan, MI – Employee Scholarship Recipient
  • Avery Mays, Millington, MI – Employee Scholarship Recipient
  • Danielle Rummel, East Lansing, MI – Employee Scholarship Recipient
  • Adalee Thelen, St. Johns, MI – Employee Scholarship Recipient
  • Rachael Bosse, Wayland, MI – Employee Scholarship Recipient