Michigan Milk Producers Association announces strategic investment in GoodSport Nutrition

Partnership aims to create an alliance for future innovation and furthers commitment to sustainability.

NOVI, Mich. Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA), a dairy cooperative committed to fostering innovation announced that it has taken an equity stake in Chicago-based start-up, GoodSport Nutrition, the company dedicated to harnessing the natural benefits of milk to create innovative, clean and effective sports nutrition solutions.

GoodSport Nutrition is recognized for launching GoodSport®, the first dairy-based sports drink on the market. GoodSport® is a natural hydration option with 3x the electrolytes and 33% less sugar than traditional sports drinks. Peer-reviewed published studies funded by Dairy Management, Inc., demonstrate that the drink hydrates better than water and traditional sports drinks and improves exercise performance. The company utilizes naturally occurring electrolytes and vitamins extracted from milk to create the clear, refreshing sports drink.

“With a shared commitment to advancing dairy innovation and meeting evolving consumer preferences, the partnership reflects MMPA’s passion for creating new opportunities for our dairy farmer owners, our commitment to leveraging our investments in technology and our dedication to sustainability,” said Joe Diglio, MMPA president and CEO. “This partnership, along with MMPA’s subsidiary Creative Edge, will leverage our organizations’ strengths for future dairy product innovations that will promote the use of dairy to the next generation of consumers.”

GoodSport® rescues and upcycles a nutrient-rich byproduct of ultra-filtered milk, a use that hadn’t been fully developed. This effort improves the value of the food system. MMPA is committed to social responsibility throughout the entire supply chain, with sustainable practices beginning on the farm and continuing through its processing facilities.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Michigan Milk Producers Association as a strategic partner to drive growth and strengthen our ability to bring new, innovative and sustainable products to families across the country,” said Michelle McBride, Founder and CEO of GoodSport Nutrition. “Together, we will continue to champion the incredible benefits of milk as a natural, extremely effective and sustainable source of sports nutrition.”

The collaboration brings together the longstanding dairy expertise of MMPA with the forward-thinking approach of GoodSport Nutrition.

Pictured above: Members of the MMPA Executive Committee join GoodSport Nutrition Founder & CEO Michelle McBride. Back row (L-R): Eric Frahm, MMPA District Director & Treasurer; Aaron Gasper, MMPA Director-At-Large; and Greg Soehnlen, MMPA Chief Operations and Business Development Officer. Front row (L-R): Carlton Evans, MMPA Director-At-Large; Joe Diglio, MMPA President & CEO; Michelle McBride, GoodSport Nutrition Founder & CEO; and Tony Jandernoa, MMPA District Director & Vice Chairman.