Platinum award-winning Crandall Dairy Farm. Back row (L-R): Zach Crandall, Brad Crandall, Larry Crandall, Mark Crandall, Thomas Wagner. Front row (L-R): Kylie Crandall, Monica Crandall, Stacy Koyl, TJ Paul, Kelley Wagner, Jackson Wood.

NOVI, Mich.—Sixteen Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA) dairy farms were awarded National Dairy Quality Awards by the National Mastitis Council (NMC). Recognized during the NMC Annual Meeting today in Atlanta, these MMPA members make up 35 percent of the 45 nationally recognized farms in the annual award program.

One MMPA farm earned the highest honor, which was granted to only six dairy farms in the U.S. The platinum award winner was Crandall Dairy Farm in Battle Creek, Michigan. MMPA farms also won four gold awards, eleven silver awards, plus two honorable mentions.

“The dedication of MMPA’s membership to milk quality is second to none in the industry. From the membership’s commitment to animal care, to their attention to the details at their farms, MMPA’s members continue to produce some of the best quality in the country. This year’s representation in the NMC National Dairy Quality Awards is a testament to the hard work of our members and dedicated field staff to maintaining excellence,” Ben Chapin, Director of Member Services said.

MMPA offers a portfolio of member services to help members produce the highest quality milk possible, with field representatives working closely with each member to achieve quality goals. MMPA also offers a quality premium incentive for its members producing higher quality milk. Overall, MMPA members’ milk quality continues to be impressive through the years, with somatic cell counts (SCC), a key milk quality indicator, reaching record lows in 2021. MMPA offers its own quality award program and this year presented awards to 289 member farms for the production of outstanding quality milk over the last fiscal year.

MMPA’s large representation in the NMC National Dairy Quality Award Program further underscores the hard work of the cooperative’s farms while competing against other well-performing farmers across the country.

NDQA judges considered many criteria when reviewing finalists’ applications. In addition to milk quality indicators, judges looked at specific details about each operation, including milking routine, cow comfort, udder health monitoring programs, treatment and prevention programs, strategies for overall herd health and welfare, and adherence to drug use and record keeping regulations.

This year’s NDQA sponsors included Boehringer Ingelheim, GEA, Ecolab, IBA Inc., Conewango, Cargill, Hoard’s Dairyman and NMC. NMC is an international professional organization, based in Minnesota, devoted to reducing mastitis and enhancing milk quality.



  • Crandall Dairy Farm (Brad Crandall), Battle Creek, Michigan


  • Dick Haven Farms (Gordon, Dale and Mark Dick), McBain, Michigan
  • Gross Farms (Steve, Phil and Kevin Gross), Weidman, Michigan
  • Michigan State University Dairy Farm, Lansing, Michigan
  • Tjerk and Ramona Okkema, Blanchard, Michigan


  • Benthem Brothers (Doug, Bruce, Jason, Ryan and Kyle Benthem), McBain, Michigan
  • Bode Valley Farm (Charles Bode), Marion, Michigan
  • Garlomar Farms (Gary Zuiderveen and Christ Martz), Falmouth, Michigan
  • Hammond Dairy Farm (Norm, Kim and Derrick Hammond), Dowling, Michigan
  • Koppenol Dairy Farms, Inc. (Alan and Deborah Koppenol, and Ken Raterink), Coopersville, Michigan
  • Louis and Ronald Brecht, Shepherd, Michigan
  • M & H Family Farms (Barry Gillhespy), Wayland, Michigan
  • Michael Bosscher, McBain, Michigan
  • Tacoma Dairy (Dave and Rick Tacoma), Falmouth, Michigan
  • Taylor Creek Farm (James Kronemeyer), Pickford, Michigan
  • Williams Family Farm (John, Brent and Shane Williams), Spring Arbor, Michigan

Honorable Mention

  • Horning Farms (Earl, Jeffrey, Lynda and Mason Horning, and Katelyn Packard), Manchester, Michigan
  • Slater Farms 88th (Allen and Aaron Slater), Holton, Michigan