Meet District 2 Director Brian DeMann

MMPA delegates recently selected Brian DeMann to serve a three-year term on the MMPA board of directors as a District 2 Director. DeMann joins the 12 other dairy farmers on the MMPA board of directors, helping guide the direction of the cooperative and setting strategic goals.

Clearview Dairy Farm has been in operation since 1958, with Brian having an active role since 2005. Today he operates 1,450 acres and milks 649 cows on the dairy. He is a member of the Kalamazoo Local in District 2. He’s been active in MMPA for a few years, currently serving as a district delegate. Along with being an Outstanding Young Dairy Cooperator (OYDC) in 2019, Brian has also received numerous dairy quality awards.

How has MMPA impacted your farm?

MMPA has been a partner with the farm, not only in marketing our milk but having a place to process it. The services that field staff offer play a big role in the success of our operation. By making sure that we are following the FARM program and are progressive with our sustainability practices before they’re made mandatory.

What do you value most about MMPA?

I value that MMPA is a member owned co-op. All of us producers are in this together. There’s no competition because we all have a sense of ownership.

Why did you want to join the board of directors?

Being involved on the board as a producer helps me feel like I’m doing my part for the better of everyone. There is a lot of experience on the board and thinking ahead I do not want my generation to all be new on the board all at once. I want to serve our cooperative while I can take the time and learn from the people that are serving now, and it is not something that can happen overnight, it will take many years of experience.

What are your goals and vision while serving on the board of directors?

To continue to provide a very fair and competitive market for producer’s milk. I want to help be progressive in setting up producers to be their best through MMPA’s field staff services, and I want to contribute to MMPA’s efforts to be an elite co-op that is ahead in manufacturing products, beyond just commodities.

What would you tell members looking to become more active within the cooperative?

Do whatever you can. With the new governance structure there’s going to be an opportunity for people to have more say within the co-op. The only way people are going to get to know you is by knowing what you believe in and then building a trust in you that you would be able to make decisions within MMPA.

This article was originally published in the July/August 2023 issue of the Milk MessengerSubscribe »