Five takes with OYDC finalist Marie Marion

Meet 2019 MMPA Outstanding Young Dairy Cooperator finalist Marie Marion of Saline, Michigan. Marie works as veterinary technician and is an FFA alumni, having received the Outstanding Junior Degree, State Degree and American FFA Degree. Her involvement within FFA has allowed her to recognize that the prevalence of misinformation about dairy is the biggest challenge facing the dairy industry today. Consumers enjoy all things dairy, but Marie sees the disconnect from the farm being the reason that they lack trust in how farmers care for their animals.

Marie has been farming since 1995 on her family-owned operation milking around 70 cows. She’s a jack of all trades and pitches in wherever help is needed, especially helping finishing milking. She’s passionate about the importance of small farms within the dairy industry makeup and is hopeful that the farm can continue to operate for many years to come.

How do you love about dairy?

1. The animals
“I just love the animals themselves. They provide this world with something for us to eat and drink, and who doesn’t love cheese and ice cream?”

2. The family
“I love that a lot of dairy operations, including mine, are family operations. Growing up, it gave me more time with my family and allowed us to bond over so much.”

3. Cows’ curiosity
“From the moment that someone is going down the road to the new hay bale getting pulled out, I love the curiosity that cows have. I especially enjoy the first time they are sent to pasture in the spring and they run kicking with their back legs up.”

4. The calves
“I love that feeling of a newborn calf sucking your hand waiting for milk. At a young age, it’s the coolest feeling in the world.”

5. Everything
“I love all the things that come from dairy: the milk, the ice cream, the butter, all the necessary items to one’s life.”

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