OYDC Finalists: Jesse and Chelsea Ramer

Accomplished dairy farmers who know what it takes to provide leadership both on the farm and in the co-op. Jesse and Chelsea Ramer have a deep passion for sharing all things dairy with others – from making their farm a place for dairy education to breaking out their entrepreneurial spirit in making their own cheesecakes. They are known for their forward-thinking goals and never being afraid to chase after them.


Q: Why should fellow young cooperators run for OYDC?
C: It is refreshing to meet other young farmers and is an opportunity for younger voices to be heard in the industry.

Q: What’s the key to producing quality milk?
J: Putting cows above all. It’s more than just bacteria and cell counts.

Q: What’s your favorite chore?
C: Milking. I enjoy seeing the cows come in full and doing well.

Q: What chore are you most likely to pawn off on someone else?
C: Feeding hay. We store our hay in the top of a bank barn and the floor is sketchy in some areas!
J: Feeding. That takes the most trips around the barn.

Q: How can someone easily improve their milk quality?
J: Spend time in the parlor.

Q: What’s your dream farm?
C: Our farm is our dream farm! We would like more acres to pasture the cows and for feed though.

Q: What are you known for on the farm?
J: I’m the jack of all trades. If something goes wrong, I fix it.


On the farm:

Stop by Jesse and Chelsea’s farm and you have the chance to be greeted by a freshly baked cheesecake and their two kids, Adaline (2) and Elise (6 months), along with their 45 Jersey cows. Be prepared though, to earn your slice of cheesecake, you may have to help them milk in their tie stall barn.