OYDC Finalists: Steven and Grace Adamic

A power couple from North Branch, Michigan, Steven and Grace Adamic prioritize efficiency to yield farm improvement. From soil testing to ditch setback to no till land, they incorporate sustainability into their every practice – especially when chasing after improved farm profitability. Their goal of affording their two children, Logan (5) and Jacob (2), the chance to continue the legacy of family farming drives them forward every day.


Q: You need help finishing harvest. Who do you call?
Depends on the day and time. Usually, it’s whoever answers the phone.

Q: What’s your ultimate cow?
565 (named Jumpy Squirrel after the squirrel on Curious George) is my favorite cow. Steven tolerates her for me and the fact she gives so much milk.

Q: What’s your dream farm?
One that comes with a vacation without the wheels falling off the proverbial bus either while you’re gone or as soon as you come back.

Q: Why should fellow young cooperators run for OYDC?
It helps increase your involvement knowledge of the co-op.

Q: Describe your farm management style in three words.
We’ll get there.

Q: Why do you milk cows?
I ask myself that every morning. It’s something we both have done for all of our lives and cows come with a lot less drama than people!

Q: What are you known for on the farm?
S: I’m the go-to guy when you need something.
G: The boys joke I have all the power since I do the hours. They know I don’t sign their checks, but I tell the person who does what they get.

On their farm:

If you get the chance to head to North Branch, on Steven and Grace’s farm you’ll find 85 Holstein cows being milked in a double 4 autoflow. And while you’re there, ask them about their experiences serving as 2020 OYDC finalists.