Meet Director-At-Large Kurt Steiner

MMPA delegates recently elected Kurt Steiner to serve a three-year term on the MMPA board of directors as a director-at-large. Steiner joins the 12 other dairy farmers on the MMPA board of directors, helping guide the direction of the cooperative and setting strategic goals.

Steinhurst Farms has been in operation since 1959, with Kurt having an active role since 1994. Today he operates 1,200 acres and milks 615 cows on the dairy in Creston, Ohio. He became an active member in MMPA when Superior Dairy was acquired in 2021. Kurt is excited to dedicate his time and energy to represent the Ohio dairy industry within the co-op.

How has MMPA impacted your farm?

MMPA dairy producers are more advanced than what I am accustomed to. Becoming part of MMPA has allowed our farm to be with a community of people who are doing what I like to do.

What do you value most about MMPA?

As a cooperative, MMPA takes an end user approach. We work to market milk products for consumers through associations with customers, or through projects such as the Dairy Distillery Project in Constantine.

Why did you want to join the board of directors?

It is important that the Ohio market has a say on what goes on in MMPA. There are some regional issues that affect Ohio farmers that do not affect Michigan farmers to the same extent, and it’s important to have a voice on the board from our state to provide input.

What are your goals and vision while serving on the board of directors?

I strive to be a good board member and offer input where I’m asked. Being a board member is a big responsibility, but I value representing my peers and supporting the cooperative’s leadership.

What would you tell members looking to become more active within the cooperative?

There is always room for new ideas on the board. Opportunity arises each year for members to become involved through elected positions or volunteering to learn more about the cooperative.

This article was originally published in the November/December 2023 issue of the Milk MessengerSubscribe »