Five takes with OYDC finalist Ross Williams

Meet 2019 MMPA Outstanding Young Dairy Cooperator finalist Ross Williams of Homer, Michigan. Ross is a graduate of Michigan State University’s dairy science program and has received the FFA State Degree and American Degree. He’s active in the FFA Alumni Association and Michigan Farm Bureau. Ross believes that everyone who loves milk has a role in reaching out to consumers to help them recognize the value of the product. For this reason, he is a part of UDIM’s Team Chocolate Milk, trying to promote chocolate milk for consumption after sporting events and workouts. An overall promotor of milk, Ross understands the value he has in America’s dairy industry.

Efficiency is the name of the game  at Williams Dairy Farm. Ross makes farm decisions guided by the motive to increase efficiency wherever possible. A decision made years ago, directed by those parameters, was to install robots into the parlor to increase labor efficiency on the 130-cow farm. In the future, Ross is looking forward to building a new heifer facility to encourage better heifer growth and breeding while also being more labor efficient.

What are you thankful for?

1. My family
“I’m thankful for my family. Without their support and hard work, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. They help encourage me when times are hard.”

2. My friends
“I’m thankful for my friends. Without their craziness in my life,
I know I would have gone crazy by now. They support me and help me in any time of need.”

3. My cows
“I’m thankful for animals in my life. They allow me to enjoy every moment with them. Even when I get licked by a coarse cow tongue across the face, all I can do is laugh at times.”

4. My checkoff
“I’m thankful to be able to run under sponsorship for the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. Its combining two of my loves into one. Being able to run and encouraging people to drink chocolate milk as a recovery drink brings me joy.”

5. My industry
“I’m most thankful for one thing in life, and that’s just being a farmer. It’s a completely different lifestyle. It defines everyone in the industry as hard working and devoted to what we love. It’s about doing our best and trying to feed the world.”

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