Five takes with OYDC finalists Andrew & Rebecca Bahrman

Meet 2019 MMPA Outstanding Young Dairy Cooperator finalists Andrew (Andy) and Rebecca (Becca) Bahrman of Skandia, Michigan. Andy and Becca are passionate about educating others about the dairy lifestyle and the benefits of consuming dairy. They are both employed off the farm. Andy is a certified welder by trade and works at the MSU Chatham Experiment station, while Becca is a licensed practical nurse employed at DLP Health System in Marquette, Michigan.

Andy and Becca have a goal of opening a cheese processing plan on their 65-cow farm, Pirman Corner Dairy Farm. Owned and operated by them and their family, they have the goal of providing a safe and quality supply of milk for their community. Andy and Becca are members of the UP West Central Local in District 4.

How do you promote dairy on your farm?

1. Invite schools to visit the farm
“Every spring, we invite the local high school to visit our farm and learn all about the dairy industry. We educate them about the health benefits of milk, the daily schedule of a dairy farmer and the science behind making feed and providing safe, healthy bedding.”

2. Participate in community events
“We participate in MSU Harvest Days and Agri-palooza, events that bring the farm to consumers. These events give the community an opportunity to ask questions about dairy farming and test their knowledge of cattle facts in jeopardy-style games.”

3. Engage on social media
“We post almost daily on our farm’s Facebook and Instagram channels, providing knowledge about cows, milk or operational information. Sometimes it’s silly facts, sometimes serious topics, but we always get lots of engagement this way.”

4. Talk to the media
“Every June we invite the local news station out to the farm for Dairy Month. We have the news anchor milk cows, feed cows and interview our family members on their role on the farm or topics regarding dairy farming.”

5. Host farm tours
“Our farm is open to all who want to come and learn about farming or show their grandkids what a cow is. We love watching the kids, and often the adult’s, eyes light up while feeding a calf or learning about what goes on behind the scenes before the milk hits their cereal bowl.”

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