2023 OYDC Finalists: Bryan and Molly Benson

Bryan and Molly Benson

Hometown: Cadillac, Michigan
District: 3

Sustainability is the name of the game for Bryan and Molly Benson. These fifth-generation farmers have their family front of mind as Bryan’s father continues to work on the farm, and they have three children as the upcoming generation: Fenton, Hartley, Josette, and Alicia. At Benson Dairy LLC, their six Lely robots, LED light installation and thermostat run fans are all practices that are helping keep their farm efficient and sustainable for future generations.


Q: What’s your farms greatest achievement?
Being here for 152 years, we’re the 5th generation.

Q: What do you love about being a farmer?
Creating a sustainable business for generations to come!

Q: What’s the key to running a dairy farm?
Hard work, always willing to adjust the ways we think and work!

Q: What’s your favorite chore? Why?
Anything field work. I love putting up high quality feed for our cows. And just being good stewards of the land God has blessed us with!

Q: How can someone easily improve their milk quality?
Cleanliness and consistency

Q: Why do you milk cows?
To produce the highest quality milk for consumers!

Q: Describe your farm management style in three words.
Visionary. Participative. Goal-setting.

Q: What’s one practice you’d try on your farm if you knew it was impossible to fail?
Processing our own milk.

Q: What does your farm look like in 30 years?
Hopefully still here and the 6th generation chasing their dreams!

On their farm:

If you visit their farm in Cadillac, Michigan you may run into one of the many tour groups that Molly helps organize. Working with Congressmen and the Traverse City Home School Group, the dairy opens their doors to share dairy knowledge with the public. The couple is very active in their community as well, delivering bags of food to students in need through the Cadillac Area Backpack Association as well as being active members of the Living Light Church.

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