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Masticare Pre & Post


MASTICARE is a very gentle pre and post-milking teat dip with exceptional skin conditioning properties and proven efficacy against mastitis-causing organisms.

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Skin Conditioners…………….10%
Appearance…………brown liquid
Density………………..8.53 lbs/gal
pH:…………………..2.6-3.0 (as is)
Viscosity: Formulated for use as a pre and post dip.


  • One product for pre and post milking application.
  • Does not contain aggressive oxidizers (Iodine, chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or chlorine dioxide).
  • A unique antimicrobial technology (LSA®) includes salicylic acid combined with other ingredients that work synergistically to provide outstanding protection.
  • Contains 10% of a special blend of skin conditioning agents.
  • Non-aggressive, promotes rapid healing of injured teats.
  • Very effective against a broad range of micro-organisms, including: bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Fast-acting, even in the presence of high levels of organic soils.
  • Contains a complex of organic hydroxy acids (LSA) providing rapid, broad spectrum kill of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Directions

Mixing Directions for Ready-to-Use Product

Pre-Dipping: Teats should be clean and dry before dipping. If needed, wash and dry with a single service towel. Dip with undiluted product and allow 20-30 seconds contact time. Wipe the teats dry before applying the milking unit.

Post-Dipping: Dip teats with undiluted product immediately after milking. Allow to air dry. With freshening cows, begin dipping teats twice daily for about 10 days before calving. For dry cows, dip teats once a day for several days following the last milking. During cold weather, do not turn out cows until teats are dry to prevent chapping and freezing. If necessary, wipe dry with a single service towel.