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Sani – Wipe are a unique pre-moistened wipes for pre-milking teat preparation. The non-woven towels are soaked in an antiseptic solution containing three active antimicrobial components for a fast kill of a wide range of mastitis-causing microorganisms.

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Dimension…………………..8”x 8”
Quantity…..1,000/pail or refill
Contents…Water, Ethanol 9%
Chlorhexidine gluconate
(0.1%), skin conditioners


  • Very gentle on the teats.
  • Disinfects milkers’ hands between cows.
  • Dries immediately – no need to wipe off.
  • Active Antimicrobials: Chlorhexidine gluconate, Ethanol.
  • Improves milk let-down and milk-out.
  • Very fast kill.
  • Proven effectiveness. Extensive research directed by Dr. Saran demonstrated that Sani-Wipes™ are as effective as iodine based teat dip in reducing mastitis infection.
  • Biodegradable.


Pre-milking teat preparation

Strip each teat. Use one single towel per cow to clean and sanitize each teat, including the teat end.

Other Applications

Sanitation of milkers’ hands before and during milking and before treating cows. Disinfection of cow teats before intravenous injections or any other form of treatment involving penetration of the teat. General disinfection for veterinarians before treating animals.


The ingredients used to moisturize the towels dry rapidly and do not require the use of a paper towel to dry the teats prior to applying the milking unit.


For best results, the teats should be free of heavy dirt.