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J & L Hoof Spray


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J&L Hoof Spray is a non-antibiotic spray that heals , as well as prevents Digital Dermatitis. This spray will soak into the infected areas for better healing in the abscess and foot-rot process found in livestock’s hooves.


  • No Antibiotic resistance will occur from J & L Hoof Spray
  • Highly effective bacteria killer
  • Soaks into infected areas for better healing
  • Non-intrusive to healthy tissue and hooves
  • Prevents warts and foot rot



If possible, clean the infected area making sure the manure is removed from the claw and the infected area.

Option #1 Without Non-Antibiotic J&L Hoof Gel

  1. Spray infected area twice a day for 3-7 days (no need to wrap)

Option #2 With Non-Antibiotic J&L Hoof Gel (recommended)

  1. Apply J&L Hoof Spray to the infected area and wrap with hoof gel.
  2. The wrap will need to be removed 3-4 days after application.

Option #3 Use as a preventative


Cows can still use foot baths while spray, gel, and wrap are applied.

Click on this link if you want to watch a video of this product being used on farm. www.jandlhoofgel.com/demovideo